[Grief Party] At 12190 on SMP6

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Code_Surfer, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. I will give everyone flags to my res on SMP6, on the 18th this week.
    I will be doing this, because I am leaving and never returning.
    It will be at 12:00 central standard time.
  2. D: your leaving?
    Also do you still have good stuff on your res
    Edit: is it am or PM?
    And if PM I'm confused if that's lunchtime or midnight.
  3. Bye code D: I remember you from the forums a lot however we really never talked. Best of luck in your future journeys!
  4. You were leaving now your not now you are?
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  5. ?
    Rider can you accept my underground city application if you're leaving
  6. I can't accept apps anymore, yes I am leaving, and yes. Tons of hardened clay and other stuffs.
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  7. Once again, sorry to repeal Gold but:
    AM or PM?
  8. Sad to see you go Code, good luck for the future
  9. Will there be promos in the chests? :p :)
  10. No promos and p.m.
  11. Btw... 12pm is an hour before 1pm. I know lots of people who don't know this irl, so I thought I would inform others. So basically its noon cst.
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  12. Lol thanks for clearing it up rebel.
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  13. 25 more minutes
  14. Nuuuuu. My computer is broken D:
  15. Sorry brosph
  16. It's time to party!!!