GRIEF PARTY! 15 minutes to start! 18267

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What do you think of me moving to SMP2?

Yes 9 vote(s) 56.3%
You shoulda stayed. 7 vote(s) 43.8%
  1. I'm currently moving to SMP2...

    Grief party will be hold in SMP9 18267. Everyone will have Containers and Build. I left Diamond enchanted things there. Few double chests of things and stuff like that.

    It'll start in around 10 minutes!

    Tip: When you teleport.. Walk to the corner with the chests(Or the place with the mycel) and dig straight down if the teleporters are broken to reach the storage place/sugar farm below it.

    BE FAST!
  2. NOTE: I'll only have it like that for an hour or two. After that I'll unclaim.

    NOTE: Bring Diamond Shovels

    NOTE: Teleport to 18266 and walk as I won't have move perms until Its time
  3. Enjoy his free stuff peeps
  4. I have no answer for the poll, I don't like either...
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  5. It started.
  6. I did some question giving rupees per correct. Gave 3k away.
  7. Well, you had it up for a lot less than an hour...
  8. Started 6:30 I ended it 7:11... Sorry I did it cause it was all gone. Literally. ALL.