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  1. i love this server and had a really good thing going with my plot and shop, i log in to find out i was grief-fed, my house my farm my chicken pen all destroyed is there any chance of a roll back or to find out who did it its really upsetting to see all my hard work destroyed by someones doing. thanks again server for your great service :D i will be offline for a wail to free my mind. My IGN is EVILONEUK...
  2. if it was in the wild, the empire guide says the only safe place to build is in your plot in town, if it was on your plot, it is your fault for giving out permissions to build. And the admin (JustinGuy) said he does not have a rollback system, as it is not neccesary since you receive a free 60X60 un-greifable plot in town.

    :EDIT: they only ban people if you have proof (screenshots) of them greifing and/or hacking