Grief area clean up

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  1. Me and my friend globalsword are cleaning up the griefed areas around the protection zones we are currently working on the east side of the wilderness and could use help in restoring the spawn point. please we need all the help we can get so please if you dont want to fall in holes every time you go to get some ores please help. If you want to help join if you want to mess it up then go away.

    P.S this is on smp2
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  2. Smp2 is a lost cause Bro. I've heard bad tales about it, town and wild. The mods and hardcore players don't even talk about it. I'd Suggest moving to smp1, smp3, smp5, or starting fresh on 6 (its a noob fest over there). Sorry if this is dissing your home server, but it's gotten kind of ghetto around there. Think about it.
  3. Just so you know: The area around the spawn is reset every two weeks.
  4. I had no idea it resets because of the insain griefing going on around the area well me and my friend are still going to do all we can to keep it as good as possible :)
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  5. not on older servers (yet)

    Only SMP5 and 6 are getting the 2 week resets.

    South outpost of SMP2 is still pretty decent, I've repaired all the creeper holes once, and planted a bunch of trees (after I saw the post talking about paying people to do it, but i forgot to take pics before so never asked for payment)

    I repaired a gigantic hole the other day, but theres still a few holes atm.
  6. We have been working pretty hard on the east side of the wild on smp2 and here is a screenshot on what we have done in the last few days.
  7. We hope to have it back in shape soon :)
  8. i kept working on the south OP of SMP2, but as of yesterday I am no longer a town dweller, and will be living DEEP in the wild, so I will not be repairing it anymore.

    there is 2 giant craters at the start by the bridge on east side of south OP. I filled most the holes with cobble, need a dirt layer, but still need more cobble now
  9. Thanks for the help aikar you seem to want the wilderness back as mutch as i do
  10. yeah but I won't be able to any more lol... I'm over 20k away now as my primary residence and only running to town occasionally for supplies and moving stuff from my res to our colony :p
  11. i would to visit your area and even setup a res there .. could you chat with the others and if yes then pm me the loc please
  12. membership currently closed, and by invite only even when its open (in other words, i reach out to you, you dont apply)

    and having the loc/coords wont do you any good... We are EXTREMELY deep in the wild.