Grey Assassin Santa Giveaway presents!

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  1. All spots taken! Go and take your presents!
    SMP5 Res: 10003

    Becase i have Grey beard. (Not in IRL)
    This is a giveaway thread. Here you choose a ticket, and wait till every single ticket has taken.
    Heres what you might get:

    9 stacks of jungle wood

    12 diffrent color wools (aren't stacks)

    24 Iron blocks

    9 stacks of stone bricks and 3 stacks stone bricks stairs

    3 stacks of smooth sandstones, 4 stacks of chiseled sandstone and 5 stacks of sandstones

    4 stacks of coals + 63 coals

    Diamond Pick: Unbreaking III Fortune II Efficiency IV
    Diamond Sword: Smite V Fire Aspect II
    (You can get both)

    You won't get ALL those items i listed. If you take Nr.9 ticket, you might get 24 iron blocks or coals or maybe even get 2 enhanted items? Or nothing?
    There are 13 tickets, 6 out of 13 tickets will have NOTHING.

    Choose carefully!

    Ticket 1: B4DMAN5IMON
    Ticket 2: NicholasGuy
    Ticket 3: HighBuddy
    Ticket 4:
    Ticket 5: pererfamily4l
    Ticket 6: BiscuitBoy5396
    Ticket 7: nfell2009
    Ticket 8: BobTheTomato9798
    Ticket 9: Dwight5273
    Ticket 10: albinopolarbear1
    Ticket 11: FaithCaster
    Ticket 12: RainbowChin
    Ticket 13: SparerToaster
  2. Ticket 7 Plz!
  3. I think I will have 12.
  4. 5 ticket spots left to be taken.
    I'm expecting all tickets to be taken today.
  5. tiecket 10 please
  6. One more ticket spot to be taken!
    Who will be the lucky one to get two enchanted items!?
  7. ticked 4 for Browneyguy? (brother without a forum password)
  8. do /p browneyguy if u think he don't exist.
  9. Sorry, i only accept through player post (Your brother needs to post in this thread and say 4 to take ticket 4 spot, if he really wants to)
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  10. ticket 4 plox
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  11. If you get those bricks I'll be hunting your head :p