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  1. Just kidding Greifing is bad and i know it Hope you laughed at this!! I know I did

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  2. Flooding the forums does not help you, especially if you've already been banned from the servers already.
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  3. *facepalm*
    You should not joke about griefing.
  4. I did not laugh...
  5. Srry It does help I didnt know how ppl would take it...
  6. And I didnt mean to flood the chat Im new I just wanna share my experiences and who I am...
  7. But do you all really need to be negative to new person thats not very supportive of your server...
  8. The thing is, We don't want to be seeing all spam across the forums... 1 or 2 posts are fine, But no need to flood here... And if you don't stop you could also be banned from posting or commenting on others..
  9. I would just like to point out that you can use the edit feature in the bottom right corner to edit a post and add anything you want.

    I think we all just want to help you understand rules and etiquette on this server. We all want you to feel at home here and most likely didn't mean to be hurtful.
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  10. Well thank you jkrmnj I appreciate the hospitality and welcoming!
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