Greifing in Smp9 wild

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  1. Ok so I just went to the head farm thing and found that half of it has been dug out and that someone stole the chests, hoppers and the beds. I've done a slap-dash job to fix it but its nothing special, like it used to be.

    My first guess would be new players going to the wild in search of minerals, finding nothing and then greifing to get stuff. I think that when there are new players on the server that it needs to be advertised more to new player that mining should be done in the wastelands, not the wild, even adding a sign in the new player spawn might help

    If you think otherwise, please let me know what you think

    Stay cool, -Aquazzz :cool:
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  2. If you haven't reported this to a staff member in a PM, do it now. I suggest PMing Bigdavie. I can start a convo if you want me to. The griefers will be found. :)
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  3. Well I didnt built it, it was just like a public head farm
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  4. You can still report the grief :)
    While repairing the damage is highly nice of you, doing that alone won't stop the griefs.
    Also, if they ever leave a sign, keep it there, as mods can track exactly who put it I think.
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  5. Think of it this way. Even though it wasn't your private farm that was griefed, the community as a whole has been griefed. By not reporting the griefing damage with coords to the mods, you are just letting the criminal have another chance at griefing you or someone else. Just like in the real world, it is your civic duty to report the illegal activity. :)
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  6. Griefing is a growing problem that NEEDS to be addressed.
    There seem to be multiple groups with labels like "Anti Griefing League" but no centralized, coordinated effort.
  7. Hopefully I Don't Meet A Griefer... I'm 35000 Blocks Out