Greifers are so terrible!

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  1. Guess what? After having a grinder that was fully working for a while SOMEONE GRIEFED IT.

    I am honestly upset, i cant rebuild it because the spawner is broken but i heard that admins keep logs of spawners being broken whicch i doubt....

    Can you guys Suspect who logged in or out around the coords of x -600 and z 135

    Its around the time of 12 am to 1pm Eastern Standard time

    Please investigate this and tell me who the griefer was and make the Ban Hammer speak

    Oh also, here is a BIG help, the grinder was in the UTOPIA wilderness which makes the suspects down to Gold and Diamond supporters

    PLEASE I BEG YOU to find the griefer.

    Thanks -MammothCat

    Also i will be adding screenshots soon
  2. Was it just one spawner or two? more?
  3. Well considering it was so close to spawn of course a griefer would have found it eventually. If there was a log kept of every block placed and broken the server would probably crash every couple of seconds. It will be quite hard to track down whoever it was but we have our detectives. Right Green_Mystery? ;)
  4. At least its down to Gold and Diamond supporters
  5. Still, it was one spawner and no one should be griefed at all
  6. Wow. I was JUST there with you. Thats annoying. I'm sorry Mammoth.
  7. Well considering that they have logs of EXACTLY where people spawn and log out there MUST have been a preson that logged out near that area I mainly know this because i have a server myself
  8. I thought i read somewhere that they could track who broke spawners as well, not every block, just the spawners. I could be wrong though.
  9. Well if that be the case find the person who destroyed the spawner at -600 and 123
  10. You might want to private message Justinguy regarding this situation maybe he can track the person down.
  11. I had one broken awhile ago.. I'm not sure they can do anything, I believe I talked to a mod and they said nothing could be done.
  12. I wish there was more that could be done. It's like, they will get a permaban if we take screenshots, but how often is somebody really gonna grief right in front of your face?
  13. It's actually surprising how oblivious some people can be to your presence.
  14. Yea, I understand that. But every time I was griefed it happened when I wasn't signed in which I know was intentional.
  15. To those who think the griefers' handiwork is simply inexcusable: Well, being inexcusable is, after all, the griefers' job. Ours is to figure out that caring too much only gives them more of the one thing they crave: the lulz.
    Julian Dibbell

    It is also possible that the anti-social behaviour of griefers could be indicative of a larger problem or disorder--such as antisocial personality disorder, impulse control problems, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, psychotic disorders and substance abuse--
    Chris Faylor

    Sometimes i feel that threads like this should be banned, if your griefer is browsing the forum and see's this, in his mindset he has accomplished what he set out to do which was to upset/anger you.
    Before you get angry at the grief think about the second quote, your griefer might get the exact opposite response from what they wanted- your sympathy ;)

    Bless their little cotton socks

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  16. I agree somone wrecked my xp farm on smp8 but I managed to fix it. If you need one let me know you can use mine. PM me though.