Greifer on SMP7

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  1. Everyone i had just gotten on today to find the wonderful bridge and other community items filled with lava.

    if you are on smp7 i would recommend to protect your things, so far our have not been but who knows how long that will last
  2. Yes a lot of lava on the map now. Seems to be spreading out from the spawn area.
  3. Idk who did it but a lot of the guys i talk to that help me out there that built the bridge and things are mad,
    then again i don't blame them! because my things got ruined too
  4. Most of it has been removed.. from the section nearest to the spawn area at least. The bridge, I mean
  5. I don't get why people have to be jerkwads and grief things that help everyone. I would rather walk over a bridge than have to take forever navigating through the giant "bomb test site" as everyone calls it.
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  6. I know!.. there should really be justice for this sort of thing
  7. Nice to see the mods are putting out the fires. But it's a shame to waste their time.

    Is there any way to catch these idiots? I guess we can keep an eye out for orange spots appearing on the map.
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  8. Justin will remove it, don't worry :)
    *somehow this smells like an old fail troll...*
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  9. Just don't use that 'i' word :p

    I suggest everyone joins and just go and put dirt on top of the lava strean :)
  10. We have a possible suspect for the greifing, and he's been banned
  11. They hit a small cobble/dirt bridge toward the south too. ashackleford and I are patching that one up.
  12. Alright. Grathon and I stopped the lava on much of the bridge
  13. I suicided and came over. Will try and help.
  14. Remove the name From your post. You can get a temp ban for it.
  15. Well, if the guy was banned for griefing (which he was), I think it's safe to say the name.
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  16. Rather be safe.. sorry!
  17. "Dont be sorry just dont do it." -Quote by Mwa