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  1. My freind TeCk was greifed of en entire building and 100 diamonds. This was on his plot in the town, and the greifers name is supposedly Beastmaster or something like that. Any admins please do anything u can. TeCk is a freind of Mine!
  2. I can look into it but I can't promise much. The only way someone could have robbed him blind like that in Town is if he gave them permissions (flags) to do it :(
  3. This is not a "Spawn item" server. You guys can continue to claim these allegations, but without proof, they mean nothing. This individual TeCk has been making such claims in the past. Do not join him in these continuous insincere tirades. It will do nothing but bring down your credibility as well.
  4. Twitch1 2 things.
    1.This does not concern you in anyway, so, as said by Simon Pegg, Jog On!
    2.TeCk happens to be my freind and my neighbour, and the destruction that has been done is bery bad.
    Justin Guy
    Thanks for the reply, i hope my freind manages to get his stuff back.
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  5. Do not post such messages in a public forum if you wish for them to be held privately. This is why the option to send a private message is available in the forums, as well as the server client. Failure to use such measures opens the subject to public discussion.
    Case in point;
    Masturbating in your room is private.
    Masturbating in a shopping mall food court is public.

    I am an active member in the community, which includes these forums. I have concern in matters that may effect others in the community, as does every other individual here. When a message is posted publicly, I, as an individual, have the right to choose whether or not to respond.

    When a valid claim of a griefing incident occurs, it is valuable information for everyone to know. This way if the individual(s) performing these acts continue to harass the community, others may help build a solid case against said individual(s) and they will be dealt with accordingly.
  6. like it or not twitch has some points you can't ignore

    fact 1 only way to get griefed in town is by giving someone permission to do so
    fact 2 only the lot owner can give permission
    fact 3 the owner gave the greifer permission to build/open containers on his lot
    fact 4 it's is the owners fault
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