Greif tracking system.

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  1. is there any way that you can tell who placed a block... two times in two weeks I have been greifed. these people obviously can see through walls because I keep my wild stores deep. I have to travel way away from the spawn point to find any valuable materials and it's easier to wait a few days between trips to the town since I cant open my vault from the wild (plain silly as it costs rupees I should be able to open it anywhere).

    Some awesome person smashed four chests and dumped my lava buckets all over so when i logged in I died. can we do some forensics on the lava to determine who placed it and perhaps return my several stacks of diamonds, redstone and other items. and please dont bother mentioning locked chests. thats way unaffordable.
  2. um...... I think that World Edit might work? I think that a griefing tracking system is too complex if you know what I mean........ Sorry I can't help you very much on this one...... :(
  3. I'm not totally sure whats so complex about it. make a mod that records a token to a file everytime someone places a block in a chunk. then using a comparitive system when an admin clicks on that chunk with whatever tool they define it searches for the chunk, then the block then the recorded history of who placed it. If I could code better i'd write the damn thing myself. however I suck at coding. Either way I've had it. there's obviously not enough in place here to even deter greifers as it appears the place is loaded with them. Whenever I run into someones little safe place in the wild. I usually donate some of my spare crap or I just pass by. Why do these keyboard commandos feel the need to not only steal other peoples items but then go even further and trash the whole damn place.....

    so tired of it. I do understand the wild is the wild blah blah blah. well if I wasn't forced to travel back and forth between town and wild to access my vault. it would be a non issue. the fact that I have to travel for 20 minutes to find a dig site.
    then spend days digging to find even a minimal amount if ores. then travel 20 minutes back only to spend rupees to open my vault.....nonsense.....charge me double to open my vault in the wild and it would still be worth it. then I'd never build anything that could be greifed. either way I'm done pissing and moaning about it. I'm going to go singleplayer and develop some booby traps for the next asshat that rips me off.
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  4. I understand your frustration. It is unfortunately a sad part of MC. You should lock your chests :)
  5. If this or any non PVP server is to ever get to #1 in the "World" this issue will need to be addressed. jmho :)
  6. We do address this. We have Town where things can be protected and it is in the players hands to do what they please with their area. Then in the wilderness we have the ability to lock your things up while you are mining/ exploring.

    Our goal isn't to be "#1" and that is why you will never see us claim that (like 99% of servers do), but we are large. In fact it is our size that makes hand holding moderation difficult. Would you like to be the mod that has to respond to every single wilderness claim by thousands of active players? Keep in mind that so many players are trying to scam at every turn, like oh crap my stuff has been griefed, that chest had 234895729780564 diamonds in it.

    Instead we decided we would create a system where players could protect themselves (Town and locking). There are other methods other server use such as:

    Let people protect land anywhere they want. This is fine for a smaller community. With a large community you end up with so much protected no one can mine anywhere. Take a look at the Town map (over 1,500 residences) then imagine mixing it up and throwing it over the wilderness. It would be a royal mess. I also feel this greatly reduces what we find fun in the game (the risk involved with adventuring). We wanted the wilderness to be very vanilla, this is why we don't have the ability to teleport around, etc.

    Hand holding moderation. This technique involves using big brotherish type programs to log every action. The server then has moderators that have to respond to every single incident. This breeds the belief that you don't have to help yourself. Instead every time something goes wrong you yell in chat until a moderator helps you. Again this works ok for small servers that have a large staff.

    As usual I am always open for suggestions, just trying to explain why what we have is what we have :)
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  7. I totally understand your points. It's a tremendous effort in the servers already and sometimes it's best to be satisfied. ;)

    EDIT: I would say that the punishment for griefing should be the same as killing another player if the screenshots show definitive proof. I can tell you that I keep FRAPS up on my machine anytime I'm logged into windows and a quick F9 will let me show video proof if it happens to me and I can witness it.
  8. Become a supporter then hind your self on the live map. Also completely cover your chest with dirt or stone to make it look undisturbed. Shuttle your most valuable goods to town often (remember it took you longer to find your minerals than it does to make a round trip to town). Lastly don't announce when your going out into the wilderness. So far all these things have kept me safe. Good luck.
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  9. Been using that since I read about it in the commands section. ;)

    I also keep the live map up and see if anyone is getting near me when I'm XP-ing.
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