Greif or glitch!

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  1. my younger brother harctheshark (minecraft name) had a glitch or greif happen to him very recently. He logged off for about half an hour and all of the animals in his farm were gone and some of his ladders were missing he found the entitys of a few ladders on the ground. It is most likely a greif because he let strangers build so they could do a few spleefing matches. when he came back on after said period of not being on all his animals and several ladders were missing. He had a bunch of animals about 12 orange sheep. 5 black sheep. 5 green sheep. 5 lime sheep. a few blue sheep. a pen of 5 pink and red. several mooshrooms. 10 or so pigs . 20-30 cows. Anything that can be done to get the animals back would be apretacted thank you.
  2. Minecraft animals are VERY glitchy. As for the ladders, does anyone have perms on his lot?
  3. He took away their perms I dont think anyone had perms durring the time the ladders dissapered but i am not certain. He just found that his personal forest was cut down.
  4. Unless there are screenshots of the actual griefing occurring, I don't think that anything can be done to pinpoint who did it or anything like that. And as Twitch would say,

    "You wouldn't give a stranger the keys to your house in the real world, why do it in the virtual one?"
  5. He needs to only give build perms to people that he trusts. There is no way to get the animals back since he gave other people build perms. It is his responsibility to ensure the safety of his stuff.
  6. Yes i agree with you just don't even bother to make a speef unless your sure you can protect your stuff when people try to greif.