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  1. Hello My names David I really don't have much to say except I'm new to this server so some awesome builds at spawn like the tardis, the dalek and gallifrey and can't wait to meet some people and see more awesome builds as well so this is all I have for now but can't wait to meet all of you on the server and have an epic day!
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  2. Welcome to the Empire, we're happy to have you here!
    May I ask what server you've decided to make your residence on?
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  3. I'm betting smp2 ;p
    Anyhow, welcome to EMC, if you need anything let me know! :)
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  4. Welcome to EMC! :D
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  5. Welcome to EMC
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  6. my residence is in smp2
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  7. Hi David. Welcome to the Empire. I'm on smp3, but if you need help and see me on let me know. Enjoy your stay. :)
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