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  1. Hello there Empire! I am chriskalos! Also I am from Greece! What? U NO LIEK GREECE? My favourite colour is blue, I hate griefing and stealing and I am a good person. That's all!

  2. Γεία σου πατριότι!
    Welcome to EMC
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  3. Welcome! How did you hear about us?
  4. I advertise the EMC to stam99 and stam99 advertise the server to chriskalos :)
    Also chriskalos is my friend on skype and steam.
  5. What Flevas said... He told it to Stam99 and Stam99 told it to me.
  6. We are from Greece: FlevasGR, Stam99, YourFearIsHere, Cj_crew, SkullMaster, itztolis, yorgaraz, george922, GoofyGoober, Love4Games, Percal, chriskalos, zois, skino0, giorgosss,sniperz_ninja.

    I just advertise the EMC because is EPIC and i love it <3