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  1. So yes, hello everyone. :) Thought it wouldn't be all that bad of an idea to introduce myself since I am new to the server. I actually haven't played Minecraft in a while either, but I used to be a town caretaker / sub-moderator on another pretty well-known server, so it's all coming together pretty quickly again. :) Unfortunately things have taken a turn to the worse since the server I used to play on and actively contribute to in the past has now become too immature and griefer infested for my liking... The people I used to know have pretty much abandoned the server too, and I kind of felt like I was looking after a rowdy kindergarten. So I am now looking forward to seeing a lot of nice people, builds and experiences on this server. I am active on my home server SMP5 along with my good IRL friend.

    I'll most likely contribute to the server too in the future some way or another if I get the buzz to stay here for longer. :) I like to consider myself pretty much as an easy-to-get-along-with type of a person so feel free to chat and make friends with me if you wish. So ya, looking forward to seeing you guys in-game. Be good! v(^_^)
  2. Aww another smp5iers has join the ranks. :D Welcome to Emc hope you enjoy are community here. Also smp5 for Life!!!!
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  3. hey there! welcome, i'm sure you'll like it here :D
  4. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! Excellent place to settle and stay. If there is anything you need, you can check the Empire Wiki on every bit of information about Empire and the custom things it has to offer. I'll surely be glad to help too if I am around. You'll make a lot of friends here as well. Some of which whom you will carry with you the whole journey. (not literal carry them but ya know) Enjoy all there is here! Never stop having too much fun c:
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  5. Welcome to the Empire Shizukazake. It is a great server and community.
  6. Hello there and welcome to the Empire!
    Sorry to hear that other places got to be a 'drag', and hope that you have fun here! (I have been here for over a year and have always had a great time)

    During my time here, I have learned that the players here on EMC seem so have greater 'standards' than at many other places. Many players will help, for the sake of helping. Most are also very pleasant and generous too.

    If you have any questions, be sure to ask in town, or start a convo with me!

    But be glad, that now you can get back to playing and focus on the fun stuff like building, mining, mob killing, shop keeping, etc... and overall just having fun!
    (by the way, which is your favorite to do?)
    Hope to see you around in game!
  7. Welcome to EMC! I look forward to meeting you ingame. I know that you'll fall in love with our community! :)