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  1. Hello! My name is Hana and I'm new here! I'm stationed on Sever 6 and will eventually be setting up a shop there. Of course I'm not going to be nearly as awesome as Bitcoindigger or M4nic_M1ner but I'll do my best! I'm happy to be a part of this awesome community and I'm happy I dragged my husband along to! Thanks for making me feel welcome!
  2. Hello! Welcome to EMC!
  3. Yay, more girls :D Welcome, Hana!
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  4. Welcome to EMC, I know that you'll love it here! :D
  5. Hello there :D, welcome to EMC, (nice skin by the way :3)
  6. Hi and Welcome to EMC.
  7. Welcome to the Empire, hope you have fun here :)

    This sounds like something Leatherface would say lol
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  8. Hi. Hope you have fun!
    Ah, I remember SMP6... Good times...
  9. Thanks everyone for the welcome. I must say, I'm rather happy I found this place!
  10. Welcome! :p To the best server out there! Heh :p
  11. I got my wool and potions shop up and mostly running. Cheapest wool on 6!