Greetings puny earthlings XD

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Do you play guitar?

Yes 4 vote(s) 30.8%
No 9 vote(s) 69.2%
  1. Does anyone play guitar? I play a charvette by Charvel. THIS IS THE BEST SERVER EVER.
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  2. I play an acoustic, classical style. I can play most things if i try though
  3. i do play sometimes but now im in band at school so i mainly play tuba :)
  4. I play saxophone and piano. My fingers are not nearly strong enough to play guitar at all, but even if they were, I still wouldn't, because 30min. of sax practice and 30min. of piano practice every day is quite enough, thanks.
  5. Um...... yeah, I defiantly do 30m practice a day.......:(
  6. I do about 1 hour
  7. Who u calling puny
  8. You earthlings cause your puny with an XD