Greetings from a Scmoo. :)

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  1. Oh gosh.. The feeling of being new to a server again.. It has been a very long time and it is still just as frightening to not know anyone and for no one to know you. :p Then again.. it is kind of nice to not be known by everyone.. I can actually play! :D

    Hmm.. An introduction.. Uhh..

    Hello.. I am Scmoo472. Not to be confused with a "Shmoo", there is no relation whatsoever to the plump white creature. I got the name from a friend who called me "Shmoe", but I didn't like the spelling, and overtime it gradually changed to him calling me "Sk-moo", but I wanted to be a cool kid (this was when I was young. :p), so it became Scmoo. The 472 was because of the 6 character limit on most usernames that I had to come up with something, and 472 has a secret meaning behind it for me.. Well not really.. I just needed some numbers and didn't want it to be like 123, 456, 789, or 135.. something obvious. :p

    Uhh.. I'm from the North-Eastern USA, Vermont to be exact, I'm a 19 year old, I like long walks on the.. wait wait.. Wrong thing.. I'm a gamer at heart, but my true profession is in wise cracked jokes and being a coldly intelligent human. Sometimes a little more of the cold and less of the intelligent depending on the situation. ;)

    I try to be everyone's friend, no matter what extent I have to go to, and will often give things away that I have no intentions of giving away but do so out of the kindness that I apparently have in my heart.

    So.. My favourite thing to do is collect things. I'm not a gifted builder or inventer.. I'm a solutionist.. I will fix a problem in the easiest way and most efficient way I can. I fiddle with Redstone somtimes to make funny things like a KFC machine for automated chicken burning, killing, and storing of the Chicken/Feathers. (Much funner to watch than explain. :p) I don't know what I plan to do yet, I haven't yet got to explore the server(s) much, but I this one is at the top of my very short list of where I found that could be a place for me to call home after my last server (nearly 3 years with the same group of people.. Can here top that? :p I hope so! :D )

    Scmoo ~ Pronounced - Shh-moo preferably. :p I'll see about popping into Mumble.. See how many can get my name right the first try. ;)

    =) Happy crafting to all.. and to all a mob free day. :)

  2. Welcome to EMC! :)
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  3. welcome to emc =D and is that a spyro skin you have my friend?
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  4. Welcome to EMC! if your ever looking for help with anything just let me know!
    and as a collector you will LOVE it here! we have promo items and rare things all the time!
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  5. :p Why yes indeed.. :D
  6. Welcome :) That skin is really fun!
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  7. Welcome to the Empire Scmoo. Enjoy your stay and as a "mob fee day", that would be a boring day for me. :p
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  8. Welcome, Scmoo! Don't worry about fitting in, as you seem pretty awesome already. :) Great post. I too enjoy automated-chicken killers, as who doesn't like a quick, easy fried chicken stand? =P I look forward to talking more with you and hope you stay here for a long time. :)
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  9. First day down.. I love it here! ^_^ The people are so nice and friendly, and I have been able to just build and explore to my heart's content! :D I have felt like a kid in a candy store with a blank check.. "I'll take them all!". :p

    Thank you all. ^_^ :D
  10. :cool:
    Welcome to EMC!
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  11. Welcome to EMC!
    Well, if we did not know you, now we do!
    Awesome to hear that you like to have fun. It seems like you are a punny person!
    Hehe, you sound like a great player.

    I too tend to collect to the point I kinda horde way too much stuff, however I also give a bunch away to players starting out, and to players making large builds.

    Hope to see you around!
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