Greetings all

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  1. Heyas,

    Cymbiotica here, you can call me cym, 'hey you!' or what have ya, just don't call me late for dinner OK? I have been at this Minecraft thing off and on for years now. Mostly I have played modded MC, like FTB, Agarian Skies, TPPI, tekkit etc. I have a server that I tinker on, changes all the time. Looking for a community to hang out with and maybe meet new peoples. I read this server description and was intrigued. I am also an adult with a software development background, and I like MC so here I am.
    I'll be doing the regular early stage stuff and wandering around a while. See you all sometime out there.
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  2. Welcome!
  3. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  4. Welcome to EMC!
  5. Welcome cym, enjoy your stay.