Great Creation 7384 On Smp3

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  1. Hey everyone this is my huge project on smp3 I am always taking inspiration and am going to keep on building so I am always open for nice comments and likes. So can you please Check it out and help me out with comments. You can also post your own great creations on here and I will check them out and comment and give good ideas. So just out it like this ( res number ) and then ( server )
  2. I want to see a giant WALRUS/TACO/NARWHAL
  3. I will try and do that above my res just floating there :p
  4. Keep building UP!
  5. Thanks Jimbo
  6. Anything I could add? Improve?
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  7. Up to the rainbows! Up past the puffy white stuff we call clouds!
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  8. I would love to add that it is a great idea
  9. Why not make a massive rainbow made of wool going over it. :3
  10. Hey everyone can you please like things :)
  11. Wow, I think it's really cool. I like all the glass windows where you can look out over the server and the black and blue checkered floor downstairs :D
  12. Thanks for your comment
  13. Well you could make an excessive amount of colour eg rainbow tunnel
  14. No begging killer. ;)
  15. I love the indoor farms!!!