GRE4T3R and Ohm's Supply Co. [Service]

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  1. Hello EMC, :cool:
    GRE4T3R and Nickohm16 here with our brand new Supply company.
    We do orders for all your everyday needs, from Wood and Logs, to plants and spawn eggs.
    We are a small crew and looking for new staff members.
    We are hard working, driven, and will do our best to get your orders to you as quick and as smoothly as possible.

    If you have any Bulk orders please post the order on our thread and we will work hard to get it done!
    Thanks and have a GRE4T day!!!
    Wood items:
    Logs SC's 2500$ Each
    Logs DC's 4500-5000$ Each
    Spawn Eggs: (No villagers, wolves, or horses)
    SC: 2000$
    DC: 4000$
    Emeralds and wheat: I will be posting when I do an auction so make sure to fallow me and my thread.
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  2. How much for 5 DCs of Acacia logs?
  3. 5000 per dc of acacia because of its difficulty to chop
    dark oak is 4500 per dc
    oak 4500
    pine 4500
    jungle 4500
  4. The more employees i get the lower the price gets so if anyone is interested or looking for work please mail me
  5. I have a two-person crew that can do sub-contract work when we are on. We can even gather stuff that isn't farmable in town. You're not on right now (I missed you by 19 minutes), but send me a message and we can talk.
  6. How much per sc of quartz?
  7. we don't currently do quarts but with hard work and more staff we will be producing it.
  8. All orders that are put in will start on friday. friday is the day we start our business.
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  9. hey ark i would greatly appreciate it if you could advertise a bit. we need all the orders we can get.
  10. I would like to order a SC of jungle logs at 2,500r
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  11. ok sounds good should have your order done by the end of tomorrow and ark_warriors order done by the end of this week :)
  12. i freaked love your signature
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  13. Aww thxs GRE4T3R. Yours to :)
  14. Hey buddy, how bout another sc of cow eggs?
  15. sure mark no problem will have that to you on friday at earliest and saturday at the latest
  16. hey tazz your order is done
  17. okay where shall i pick it up ?
  18. yes we have had an issue with our acacia saplings when we were cleaning up the res we burnt down the sapling chest :D but i will have your order done on friday :) so sorry won't happen again
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  19. I never knew that chests could catch on fire, i burnt a house down and all that reminded was the chests
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