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  1. Hey EMC,
    I am building a game called Gravity on utopia. It is based on another servers game called Gravity, it's a game where you drop down and you need to go through the gaps. The first map is still being made and might be up soon you will have to pay 50r to get in (if I can get the redstone to work :confused: :confused:). Eventually when it is all done I will hold events there where you can win prizes and rupees. At the end I also might make a winners trampoline park! Please donate in the donation box on 17444 ( hit the teleport button or do /v Guill Donate )
    -Guill :p
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  2. Thanks :p
  3. Cool I like it! :)
  4. Thanks :)
    I have got to work out how to stop people cheating and cheating to get in :confused:
  5. I've got an idea: use the item lock (where you have to put a specific item in a hopper to open a door) and make the item be a signed book renamed "Entry Ticket". Then sell that book right next to the door. No one but you can make that specific book therefore no one can get in without paying.
  6. I have a system where you buy 4 dirt and then you sell it back to me for free and it opens the gate, but people can just use normal dirt to get in tho :( but hopefully no-one is mean enough to do that
  7. I have tought of an idea to stop you from cheating the game but it needs loooootttsss of pressure plates and lots of signs :p
  8. The first map so far...
  9. You may want to remove the server name from the thread.
  10. Awesome! I love this map!
  11. Ok will I get reported
  12. Oh dear I ran out of wood, is anyone able to donate some?
  13. Bump the fist map is nearly done >.< XD
  14. bump first map is open, there will be an opening ceremony soon!
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