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  1. about two days ago, i uploaded this picture to me my thread picture:

    But now it won't show it, and when i try to re-embed it, it just says, "can't find gravater for this e-mail adress. how do i get my gravatar working again?
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  3. it works fine on gravatar, just not here :mad:
  4. Then upload it normally to EMC
  5. then it says that it can't find any gravatars for the ONLY e-mail adress i have registered on there
  6. i MIGHT have fixed it. give it an hour or two
  7. Don't select the gravatar option, just choose "upload avatar". :)
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  8. That's what I suggested!
  9. then how would i get a picture from the internet on here?
  10. download the picture then upload it
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  11. how do i download a picture? >.>
  12. what browser and os do you use?
  13. Right click, select "Save Picture".
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  14. You really don't know much about computers do you? -_-
  15. Okay if your uploading to a thread... Click upload file find the image and tada... Download the image by right clicking it and clicking Save Picture As... Upload it as the avatar the same way you would a thread but in the avatar interface... Anything else?
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    Copied straight from Wikipedia... That's some real information there :p
  19. Nope apparently this:
  20. i know how to shut down a non- responding program, get to files in my computer, and other things. NOT anything about pictures