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Should I start gfx again?

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  1. I've just recently gotten a new lap top and before then I used to make a lot of graphics and custom backgrounds etc. I am wanting to get back into it and want your guys opinion if I should. Just tell me what you think about my current signature. It is a little bit of the gfx that I make. But like I said if you guys like this enough I will start taking custom requests. Please tell me what you think and be honest! Thank you guy! (This is the signature that I on it for a bigger image)
  2. You may want to resize it in your signature and center it using [*c][/*c] (without the *). Looks nice though :)
  3. I think that the text in your should be spaced out as it is hard to read and the swords could use some shading and a tiny extrusion, other than that, good work! I like the color choice and design you did with the text :)
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  4. Your signature looks really cool. I'd pay you to make me one. +1
  5. My first thought was what does that say :) He could definitely improve upon spacing and maybe outlines on the letters.
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  6. I assume you're using Cinema 4D so I'll give you a few tips :)

    For transparent images, add a physical sky, and once you do that, go in your render settings, click save, and enable alpha. That'll give it better shading, and lighting.

    To add extra quality to images, go to Render Settings>Anti-Aliasing, and then change Geometry to Best and change the min. level to 2x2 and the max level to 4x4. After that, (this is a well-known one) click effect and select Ambient Occlusion and Global Illumination
  7. blender is a very easy program to play aroudn with also