Graphics Card Recommendation?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by WayneKramer, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. This is what I have right now:
    Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H AMD Board
    AMD Phenom II X6 1100T 3.30GHz Processor
    8GB DDR3 Dual Channel Corsair RAM

    I'm looking to get a good graphics card to add to this. I will probably upgrade the motherboard within the next year but I don't want to do that right now.

    I bought a NVideo GEForce GT 630 and while it's increased my FPS, it's actually decreased the quality of my video. My mouse stutters along from time to time now and Minecraft is just acting wonky. I was better off before when I was just using my onboard video.

    So any recommendations on new video cards welcome.
  2. sheesh, I just went out and got the NVidia GEForce 750 Ti card and I'm still seeing the same issues. So this can't just be the GPU, it has to be something else going on too. :(
  3. I would bet that it is the motherboard. I had trouble with a Nvidia card on an AMD board too. My original board had 128mb of DDR3 video ram on it though, and yours just has some integrated form. It is for sure not your CPU or RAM, they both are great. Do you happen to have any friends/buds with an AMD card that you could borrow to test if it works better? My theory always was that in my case, the on board graphics weren't completely shutdown, and they were conflicting with the Nvidia drivers. I have no evidence to support that though, all I know is that when I switched to Intel, my problems went away.

    I suggest you try out older drivers for your Nvidia 630 (since it has many older drivers), and see if that helps. It helped a bit back when I was on an AMD board, and I have no clue why.
  4. Also, make sure all your drivers are up to date.
  5. However, if his drivers are already up to date and he's still having this problem, then using older drivers as jkjkjk suggested can be helpful. I know that the most recent Nvidia 700 series driver (i think it's the 335) is a bit unstable and was giving me major issues until I backdated.
  6. My driver is definitely up to date.
  7. What version of the driver did you install?
  8. Could you be a bit more descriptive than "wonky?" What exactly is it doing?

    EDIT: I went back to the 332.21, but I have the GTX 760, not sure if that driver is available for the 750 Ti
  9. wonky = I'll be walking around and the floor will disappear. It'll look like it would if I had the xray mod pretty much. It won't be the whole floor, just a large piece of it. Then if I jump around or move around it'll stop. Sometimes it's the floor, sometimes it's blocks above ground. Like when I was viewing EMC Games the colored glass around the course would just disappear in huge chunks but the netherrack wouldn't. It was strange.

    That's what happens in Minecraft. Keep in mind that I'm running minecraft with ONLY the Optifine mod and I've changed the settings in Optifine to pretty much turn everything off or set things to the "fastest" setting.

    On my computer in general I'll get stuttering on the mouse movements, it's usually not too bad but it never happened before when I was using the onboard graphics. Also I've seen some wonkiness when viewing videos that didn't happen before but I'll have to mess around with it some more to give a description.

    Right now I just went into the bios and disabled the onboard graphics as I hadn't done that before. I'm going to give this awhile to see how things go. Next I'll rollback the driver and go from there.
  10. The only settings I'm not sure about in Optifine is that I currently have the Chunk Loading set to Multi-Core and I have Advanced OpenGL set to Fast.

    Performance Settings are set to:
    Smooth FPS - On
    Load Far - Off
    Chunk Updates - 1
    Fast Math - On
    Fast Render - On
    Smooth World - On
    Preloaded Chunks - Off
    Dynamic Updates - Off
    Lazy Chunk Loading - Off
  11. I fixed the Minecraft graphics issues by changing the "Max Framerate" setting from Vsync to 60FPS.
  12. Hoorah!