graphic work(should i try to make a tex pack?)

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  1. here is some of my work i have done in the graphic area my question is should i try to make a tex pack or make them? here are some examples of my work:

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  2. I'd say go for it!
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  3. i will jer i will post it on here once i get it done and if my work is liked i may consider doing custom made tex packs for people made to order :)
  4. Nice, if you do a nice texture pack we can post it on other MC sites with a link back to EMC ;)
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  5. you thought my thoughts exactly but seeing as i am pro EMC and PRO GK you guys will get first peek at it :D now i need to figure out exactly how i want it to look lol
  6. Go for it man! Everything you make is One Step Further to learning new design styles and functions. Take your time and be consistent though, blending pixel art can be a bumpy ride! :D
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  7. i have been playing around with photoshop for about 4 years on and off again...more so off now days though :/ but thank you for your kind words :D
  8. If I'm going to be brutally honest, the ones that don't look like tutorial psd rips with a text layer change look pretty awful. if you're going to make a texture pack I wouldn't try and go much over 16x16 as I don't think you have the detail needed for it. but hey, give it a shot.
  9. well you were never known to sugar coat things....but i hate to inform you i never have ripped any of my work you may disagree but i know the truth and that is all that counts
  10. Before I begin let me first disclaim that I hold a degree in Graphic Design, forgive any of the harshness I may or may not be appearing to dole out.

    Your character illustration is fantastic. Good brush work, excellent sense of proportion, the overall composition is a bit unbalanced but that's through my eyes.

    I absolutely hate to say it this way but it's the most easily understandable: I can see straight through your use of Photoshop filters. Your best bet is to take stock images and use those for backgrounds instead.

    Finally for your icon-style vector artwork. I understand if someone asked for a certain font, colors, or anything else (I do this professionally, some requests make me not want to live on this planet anymore.) so you're safe there. However the placement, alignment, actual color grading, and highlights seem a bit off.

    You have a good starting base here. I would love to see where you go with a texture pack. Need any help just ask me ;)

    Annnnd just to append this here. My team made its IGF 2012 Submission: we even have a functioning demo up there. For those wondering, I did the menus (artwork, layout, and flow design), Terrain texturing, some of the special effects, and a some of the enemy skins.
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  11. i respect your opinion tank it is what makes the world got around and ya i know a trained eye can see through it i myself prefer just doing backgrounds but lost my passion for graphic design suddenly one day with no reason why so i find myself degrading as apposed to getting better each time i touch photoshop...this is the reason i ruled out graphic design and decided on mechanical engineering now i just play around with photoshop.

    I will admit i was never pleased with my outcomes as they never came close to the image i had in my head so i do not know what else to say. but thanks for the input :)
  12. Wow I met my educational inverse... I went to school originally for engineering, ended up in an art school

    If you're gonna pursue it again, I recommend going for illustration.
  13. why thank you and wow talk about an odd coincidence .
  14. Well, I'm definately no professional, but i think they're awesome. I especially like the Heaven Torn Asunder thing. :)
  15. So I look forward to seeing a texture pack, hopefully.