Grand Theft Auto V

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will you be getting GTA V?

YES! 7 vote(s) 63.6%
Yeah I will.. at some point 3 vote(s) 27.3%
Nah Not my type of game 1 vote(s) 9.1%
  1. I didn't play the first... 30, so I probably won't play the 5th.
  2. you seem to be able to make something funny/whitey in like 1 line I want to be your padowan D:
  3. I prolly will get it I like GTA series the main played 1-4, San Andreas. I heard that going be like San Andreas with all stuff we love about GTA not like IV one with no tank and etc until DLC's. I hope no one thinks that Saint Row series is at the same level as them.
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  4. I love GTA IV, just because raiding a hospital is fun :p

    (Kill the reception woman, any people who try to run away are shot, remaining people used as human shields)
  5. I will be very surprised if it actually gets released on time. They delayed GTA IV by quite a lot, which bugged me. It'd be nice if it does come out in March, as it's currently set to. I can force my partner to buy it for my birthday, even though they hate the GTA series. :p
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  6. you'll get it somehow... well ... you should anyway xD
  7. Buying it....
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  8. Definitely getting it probably pre-ordering it. Had such fun times of GTA 4 but its getting to old and boring now. Carnt wait for the new one looks so good. You cannot compare GTA with saints row. Saints row is ****
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  9. I hope I can get it, I love this game, but I dont exactly have the gamesystem to play it.
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  10. I enjoy both game series, however, I get annoyed with the poor interface and health/damage mechanisms of Saints Row. I do appreciate that Saints Row is going for a more 'fun' approach, but I much prefer the GTA series. That doesn't stop me from buying every Saints Row game when they come out, though (as I do with GTA). :p
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  11. I absolutely love GTA and I already have it pre-ordered! I cant wait to play it and also with you being able to use a crop duster on people well.... lets just say my girlfriend won't be seeing me for a few days...
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  12. Actually i quite liked saints row 2 but when 3 came out i started to really dislike the game. this is why:
    • The story line is awful (i have not actually completed the game but what i have done so far well its terrible)
    • 2 player co-op still (you would have thought the would have learned you need more than 2 players from saints row 2 but obviously not!)
    • The game mechanics are bad
    • The graphics aren't great either.
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  13. yeah I agree it should be at least 4 player co-op! but I think the game devs were going for the sketchy graphics.