Grand Opening

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Are you attending

Yes!!! I am so happy to come 16 vote(s) 72.7%
Maybe, Its not really good this event 3 vote(s) 13.6%
No, I hate promos and events 3 vote(s) 13.6%
  1. :) Hallo my dear EMC Players, my promo shop 1794 is having a grand opening.

    To make it interesting we will be having a parkour which the winner will get 2 Dragon stones, 1 Vault Voucher, 1 Stable Voucher. This parkour is approved by staff.

    Show Case
    To make it more interesting we will be having some rare items on show that are worth in the hundred thousands and even the millions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We will be having a giveaway, it will work like this; players will write a book that has a small joke/story in it, then they will have to mail it to me. Then I will put the books in a machine that gets me random 4 books these 4 books that are signed by the players will get one of the 4 prizes listed here.
    - will get diamond armor named after the player
    - will get a 2 Dragone Stones
    -will get brandtitus pvp kit with enchants
    - will get brandtitus armor with enchants

    If any player donates to my with rupees or mails me promos they will be awarded with any promos or any rare/valuable items. Of course it all counts of the rupee balance or promo you give to me. All rupee donations will be all give to Brandtitus

    Staff :)
    Staff are very appreciated to attend this event.

    There will also be a party and more attractions, We also going to have a small drop party.

    Were and When
    June 3
    Smp1 1794
    or +bb on smp1

    Owner/Founder: Brandtitus
    Co-Owner: abYoshi
    Manager: The_Beacon171
    Co-Manager: Ocelottamer43
    Supplier: Todd_Vinton , Ben3400
  2. I cannot attend because I'm on vacation, but (like I say every time I see you on smp1 =P) best of luck with your promo shop! :D
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  3. Sorry to hear that but thanks anyway
  4. I definitely want to come!
  5. Is it EMC time? If so, I can't make it! :(
  6. It's EMC Time but don't worry there is a after party till 5:00 or even later
  7. I'll be able to attend :) I'm just uneasy about the giveaway.....
  8. I had a new idea look at it
  9. much much better :) I'll definitely enter a book for the giveaway now
  10. what rare items are on show that are worth millions? :p
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  11. Haha, I was going to ask the exact same thing. =P
  12. Dragon egg or egg nog
  13. so the normal rare stuff
  14. The Bump is here, The day is approaching faster
  15. BUMP 1 Day Left
  16. I am BUMPING again it's so close
  17. The BUMP is here again 24hrs left
  18. Its in 3hrs
  19. I'm already at the shop! :p
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