Grand opening of the biggest spleef arena of SMP6!!!!! RES 12758

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will you attend

Poll closed Sep 23, 2012.
yes 3 vote(s) 37.5%
no 5 vote(s) 62.5%
  1. on sunday the 23rd of september at 13:00 (GMT) i am opening the biggest spleef arena of SMP6. Please attend it took alot of work and all the feed back i have had has been good. :)
    Your host will be Banjoman2. the residence number is 12758. Banjoman2's (my) res.
  2. Awesome, will be there!
  3. How big Is it?
  4. Posting some pictures could help stimulate interest. You should give it a try :).
  5. 50x50 blocks. 5 rim on the out side. here are some pics. if they dont show just say. 2012-09-19_16.40.09.png 2012-09-19_18.13.55.png 2012-09-19_18.13.42.png
  6. Also it's opposite my res! Random plug :p! Been loving watching you build it mate, well done!
  7. By the way, can't make it, at a party. Sorry, I was really looking forward to supporting you :/