Grand Opening "Modern Inc." 4 Res MegaMall!!

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Are you excited?!

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  1. Hello all my fellow EMC players, today after many months and months of hard work and dedication to creating this massive beauty of a MegaMall, myself as well as my partner colesta1200 would like to present you 2222 the 4 resident big Mega Mall!! Yes you read that correctly, it’s a full four resident big Mega Mall that contains 16 full floors, 4 lobbies, a beautiful Modern atmosphere, and the best part is that you can both, BUY and SELL all items in Minecraft!!!

    A background of 2222, I ModernInc aka “nick_godoy” has owned the residence 2222 for about a year now, but I had no idea on what to build. It changed periodically every few months or so into different things. Colesta1200 has been MIA from EMC for a while, but then finally came back into the EMC community and right away saw me in which we remembered each other right away. That same day as I was catching up with colesta1200 about life, and everything we had the crazy idea of creating a Mall since that’s what he was already going to be in the process of starting. I was thankfully able to claim all the res’s around 2222 in a full square. That’s when it clicked…. A MegaMall is not Mega without it being MEGA BIG. So we then decided to work together bringing all of our ideas in, and creating this huge masterpiece. We wanted to create this project because it would be fun, and bring a lot of help into the Smp1 community! The amazing building skills of cole, and the financial smarts of myself. We were able to make this happen. Of course there are a few people along the way during the journey, and they must be recognized! Along with these who donated, we want to give a big thank you to those that have motivated us to keep moving alone with this project, as well as those that gave us tips that the community would like to see! We must give a big thank you to;

    Donating 500,000 rupees!
    Donating 100,000 rupees and on top of that also runs our potion floor! (Gray)
    Donating 50,000 rupees!
    Running our enchanted book floor! (white)

    The Official Grand Opening of the great coming 2222 ModernInc MegaMall will be on NOVEMBER 1st, and be open to all use and wander. Can’t wait? You can visit the exterior of the monster by going to a surrounding residence (2431), then stroll into one of the middle paths between the monstrosity. If you really must take a look at it right this second, click on the following link for some pictures taken by JMB6362!

    Having any problems? Something out of stock? Looking to donate or become a possible partner? Or you just got a great idea? Well, guess what, you can Contact Us right here! Click the following link to redirect you to a Private Conversation with the team.
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  2. -Reserved- :)
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  3. "Are you excited?!"

    Yes yes yes yes yes

    Just a suggestion: use the bbcode from one of those pictures in the OP so it seems less "wordy" and more "glitzy" :D Good luck! I can't wait to visit.
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  4. was it worth?
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  5. Fixed link for images, redirected to new album.
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  6. If you are asking what the whole place is worth, let's just say a few million rupees was put fourth into the beauty! :)
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  7. Bump! Who else is excited!? Comments anything let us know!
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  8. I would love to come
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  9. nice pics, will love to come!
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  10. I'm glad everyone is excited about our build!
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  11. It is a nice looking design for a mall. Are both of you good on funds for this store?
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  12. So far the mall build its self since it was 4 res's big costed quite a lot of our budget. We do still have a good amount between us both, but we are selling our Promo's to gain more for the mall.
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  13. I'm. Excited!!! My shop is little, but maybe there's some way I can still partner with ya'll ^_^
  14. The Mall is on Smp1 :)
  15. The MegaMall is now open & as a start we are in buying mode! That means you can make lots of $$ by selling us all the items you want!!

    Smp1 /v 2222
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  16. Bump! Want to make money? Sell all the items you want to @ /v 2222
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  17. Looking forward to the Grand Opening today!
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  18. Very Nice :D
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