Grand Opeing of the 9111 Mini Mall

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  1. The 9111 Mini Mall Opens today June 19th 2015.
    We sell almost all the new 1.8 items including sponges and rabbits feet!
    All items are in stock and will be restocked everyday.

    It is on Smp4 at /v 9111 or /v crafter31211 2

    Swing by when you have and chance and get a good deal on the newest blocks!
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  2. Sponges are out of stock.

    I can't believe I sold 97 for 750r each lol.
  3. Do you sell Sea Temple items? Prismarine, etc?
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  4. Awesome, I'll come take a look!
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  5. Sweet! SMP4!! I'll have to check it out! Do you sell enchanted books? :p I'm trying to make a new PvP set....xD
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  6. Yes I do
  7. Do you sell that dragon stone? :)
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  8. I sell Dragons stone fragments.
    Do you mean the dragon egg?
  9. Yeah lol
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  10. Pm me
  11. Bump lots of stuff in stock
  12. Can I sell stuff to your shop too?
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  13. Sure just don't sell Large quantities
  14. Bump selling lots of 1.8 blocks
  15. Bump got rabbit feet in Stock along with lots of mob heads!
  16. Bump lots of great items for great prices!