Grammatical Error.

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  1. I don't want to be a grammar nazi but this is bugging me like mad. So, I found some grammatical errors with the site. It's just s simple fix though. In the Public Member Events the description states "Events and contests created and ran by members of EMC." when it should state "Events and contests created and run by members of EMC". If you took the time to read this, don't post comments about me being a grammar nazi. I just can't stand small grammatical errors like that. But thats just me. :p
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  2. And there I go misspelling the thread title...
    Never mind, it's fixed now! :D Thanks to whoever changed it! :p
  3. Lol! It's like when I tell someone, "PLease do *ect ect*". :p Gotta hate that capital. What's worse, so, so much worse... when people shortcut the word "Come".... For the love of town chat, understand that "u" shouldn't be replacing every part of a word that sounds like it... -.-
  4. dude, u wanna com to mah res n haz a party?
    Annoyed yet?
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  5. Otherwise it just sounds plain wrong :p

    Or do they mean to send subliminal messages in town chat? ;)
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  6. Nope xD Replace that "o" with a "u", and you'll kinda see my viewpoint of why grammar can help specify some... misunderstandings xD
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  7. There are lots of little errors with the site that will be all be fixed at once. Example, outdated guide, grammar mistakes and other things. Don't worry, Aikar will get to it :)
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  8. oh...... I see what you mean, yah i kinda dont get why people say it like that.... It also makes me feel awkward when they say "can I come with you?" but speeled the wrong way.
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  9. Wait a minute, Aikar doesn't have to be the one doing everything xD It's not like Justinguy or Shaun, or most other mods don't have an idea how to correct things. Perhaps it just hasn't been brought up to their eyes before, but I'm pretty sure that Justinguy would know just as well as Aikar.
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  10. All the site stuff is done by Justin. He programmed it all in the first place. Though this typo in the OP is Aikars doing I think.
  11. All the mistakes are going to be fixed at once. That's all I know, don't know who or when it's gonna happen
  12. From my experience with XenForo the mistake I found can be fixed in under 1 minute depending on internet connection.
  13. Aikar doesn't(or didn't?) have permissions to edit the actual site. Justin has to do it. :)
  14. I think aikar did the latest restructure. And as an admin you would expect him to have the admin CP.
  15. Possibly, I just remember him not being able to edit the guide xD
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  16. The guide is hardcoded as far as I know. And only Justin has the code.
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  17. Thanks for the report, I have fixed this grammatical error in the forum list (this wasn't in the guide).

    As far as the guide is concerned, it is being updated in batches with plans for things like a better Residence/flags section. :)
  18. Thanks! :D