GP Enchanting Store!

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  1. Gobstone308 and I have made the first ever GP Enchanting store on smp7 ( 14664 )

    I have already put in a FEW Enchants that are available to buy and are in stock RIGHT NOW!

    It took ALL The rupees I had, but it was worth it. :)

    My goal is to fill both two floors up with enchants, good luck for me. lol... ( This is where you laugh )

    So come and buy all you can! Two looting III's in stock!

  2. Pig!! Reserve a looting III for me please!!! What price?
  3. I persume I will still get the looting 3 I ordered?
  4. All orders have been erased but I can reserve. 5 reserves per week.
    1. Daffy22 Looting III
    2. TerryDaTerrorist Looting III
  5. Reserves for enchants ( 5 per week )
    1. Daffy22 Looting III Diamond Sword
    2. TerryDaTerrorist Looting III Diamond Sword
    3. KillerByte12 Looting III Diamond Sword
    4. Amumbo Looting III Diamond Sword
  6. How much does a Looting III go for?
  7. 4k
    ( if your buying it from me )
  8. Can I put my name down for 2?
  9. 2 Looting III swords?
    One order per person per week.
  10. If 2 diamond Looting III swords would count as one order I'll do that. If I can only do 1 sword I'll do that. Cheers
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  11. One spot left for anyone to reserve.
  12. Added more items and lowered the prices! At 14664 smp7!