Got One! Enraged guardian villager

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  1. First a very special thanks to corruptedsmile, who helped me achieve this goal.
  2. oh wow that is amazing dude! now i really want to get one! -_-
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  3. Well, that is quite a something...
  4. Interesting... Good job :p
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  5. #BlameAikar nice exploit, more expensive than the enraged guardian, about as much as the nether hound I guess. As I have said, I suck at prices.
  6. not even getting into pricing as i do not want to get into the same debocle i got into last time
    I am not even getting into pricing as I do not want to get into the same debacle I got into last time.
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  7. DubChef and I got one each of these yesterday as well. Pro-tip: don't try to do it on level 10 :p
  8. Dang I wasn't first, but that's still awesome. smp8 FTW!
  9. I know somebody that got one a couple of weeks ago, so you wouldn't have been first even if Dub and Kat didn't get one, they've slowly started to enter circulation :D
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  10. Yeah, MoeMacZap has had one a while as far as I know. Still really cool to have though.
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  11. The fact SMP8 has these at all is a miracle :eek:
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  12. May I ask how you went about doing this? I'm interested in getting one, but I feel like whenever I fight Momentus, all the guardians rush forward faster than he does and end up slashed to pieces just because I'm fighting for my life. :p
  13. Water.... much water.
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  14. If you're dying, just switch to level 1 while you get it then back up when you want to fight him.
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  15. But how do you prevent the Guardians from dying? :p
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  16. We trapped them in like a dirt hole, or piled it up. You basically just have to catch them however you can. The only issue I've seen with guardians dying is that they despawn when the miniboss is killed. So you just have them follow you away and trap them and egg them.
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  17. I want one
  18. So first thing i did was set a bed before combat. I used depth strider and water to control the mobs and made a canopy that momentus could not get under...i used a bow to pick off the non villager types....don't start swinging a sword till you have exhausted momentus' guardians...Again i had corruptedsmiles help in kiting momentus while i focused on curing villagers.
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  19. Sounds like a good strategy! :) Thanks for the help, and nice job! Now to find me some poor, innocent pawn helpful, courageous warrior willing to help me get some ingredients for a guardian omelet...
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  20. Giggity...

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