Got killed while signing up for forum...

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  1. lost everything :(
  2. I feel bad for finding this hilarious....

    I will help replaced what you lost, though :). Just let me know.
  3. Where did you die?
  4. That stinks, you might be able to recover it if you remember where you were...
  5. Staff can look up your death cords, but that will only help if you don't die in lava/fire. player items despawn slower on emc than in regular minecraft worlds. As long as the chunk is not being actively loaded, the items will remain.

    If it doesn't help this time, you can use this information next time or to help others who have lost their way.
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  6. This reminds me of a few years ago when my uncle was robbed whilst in progress of getting a home security system built.

    Can't help but laugh just a wee little bit. You can't blame them because they were attempting to do something right, but lightning hit in the wrong place at the wrong time D:
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  7. I feel terrible for laughing a little bit at that story.
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  8. If u need help looking or replacing anything i will help also... :D sorry i giggled a little reading it ..