Got grief'd anonymous

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  1. Hello, I'm Coolwelshy, I'm a freemember, and I got griefed.

    Okay, on my res, I am making a nightclub named 3CLUB, and some friends got some build flags to help me build it up. I already finished the most front.

    But today, when I logged on, I found that some of my glowstone was missing! The big kick to the pants is that there was a giant 3 on the entrance of the building. Now it is gone! I am not pleased.

    If there is anyway to bring some justice to these vandals?
  2. If they are your friends couldn't you just ask them who did it? For all you know they could've just took the 3 off because it didn't look good. And the glowstone might've been an accident its not that high of a chance that it was for the glowstone but you should still ask them to see if they accidently broke it
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  3. Vailid points, and yes I will go after my friends to find out what happened. But this was no accident. Some parts were replaced by wood planks.
  4. In the Empire we put all the power in the players hands in Town. It is the residence owners responsibility to manage permissions and access to things. I would recommend only giving them permission while you are on and they are helping you. In that case you can type '/res default' to quickly reset your permissions back to default when they are done. I am very sorry to hear your friends may not be trustworthy :/
  5. Yes I have had the same happen to me too some of my items and signs went missing overnight and there was no rupee exchange in the items being take I am highly suspect I got Shaun to ask dragonorb but that was a miss I hope you will be able to finish your place
  6. Haha, my friends on the Empire always get mad when I take away their permissions right before I logoff, I always get paranoid but it's not a bad habit to commit to! So far I'm perfectly all right in terms of items and building site.
  7. If I was your EMC friend who you gave build perms, I would prefer you watched me, then took the perms away when you logged off, because I would be safe in the knowledge that if you did get griefed, I would not be a suspect :)
  8. if they were replaced by wood planks that could just mean they did that cause they thought it would look better
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  9. Dude if there has been replacements without asking that means grefing it obvious
  10. you're probably right, but if it's your friends, you want to give them the benefit of the doubt, until you get the full story. It could be they accidently broke it (I break my own stuff all the time by accident) with glowstone it's a pain because it doesn't always drop enough dust to replace, or maybe they don't know you turn the dust into a stone, so they replaced with wood to remember where it goes while they go off to find replacements.
  11. So far, I have only given one person permissions and he has shown to be very trustworthy and helpful....Thanks uriel155. ;)

    The careful!!!!
  12. if u hav no proof u cant do anything
  13. Maybe, but most of them were in a giant wooden tunnel where it was the only light source. It was pitch black when I logged in.
  14. Haha, he was being sarcastic mate.
  15. Any other tales of griefdom, By the way? I can't have been the only one something like this happened to.