Got "caught" hacking, twice...

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  1. #1: i was exploring utopia thru unexplored waters in a boat. Started slowing down (lagging) and after about 10 seconds the server caught up to it and i jumped ahead really fast. Got instantly booted and lost my boat for "speed hacking". This was really fun being out in the middle of no where...

    #2: i was at my res experimenting with building an elevator. After a couple blocks high testing each lvl, it booted me for "fly hacking.

    My fix is dont build an elevator and if my boat lags to let off the gass till it catches up, but wanted it to be known and hope nothing more then those boots were gonna come from this.

    Thank you!

    P.s. Love the server, the most advanced one ive been on so far. :) def worth the donation.
  2. We have these auto-boot systems in place. We will not ban you for such occurrences. If you are found to be willingly using them and exploiting the server, then more would be done. :) Do not worry, you are safe as long as you follow the rules.
  3. The systems you actually mentioned happening, I don't even believe are ours. If I remember right, those are hard-coded into the MC system.
  4. This can happen to, when you go onto a residence with a "No entry" flag.
  5. Figured as much, just making sure ;p ty!

  6. Would make sense. Doesnt happen too much tho so its ok
  7. Yeah sorry they are hard coded into MC :( I agree this game can really piss you off at times!
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  8. Like when minecraft decides to kick you out for no reason in the middle of a update :(