Got 5 Diamond Picks and I need to sell em

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  1. All 5 are

    Efficiency IV
    Unbreaking III
    Fortune II

    I'm selling them at 2100 (non-negotiable) so either post here or PM me :)

    Amount Left: 5

    Res Number: 18555 SMP9
  2. Ill buy all of them at 1800r each
  3. Sorry least I can do is 2200 rupees
  4. how bout 2 each
  5. I might buy one, thinking, can u try to save me a pick
  6. 2 each? I'm confuzzled:confused:
  7. Sure :)
  8. Seeing as how I bought them at 2k could you do 2.1k?
  9. I will buy 2 for 2.1k each.
  10. Alright Im at 18555 smp9
  11. Could I just pay you and you could mail them to me? (Unless you care about the fees) or just set up a chest?
  12. I set up a chest read OP for details.
  13. K I don't want the pick :/ u dont need to save me one
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.