Google + Rebeliance

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  1. Come up wi plans to get rid of google + on youtube. Also post ur bob, any of those thing here like this

    / \

    This is backup bob we will use him if the original bob gets murdured, copy and paste bbob al over youtube
  2. Oh please, not this....
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  3. erm....whut? :confused:
  4. Firstly, I'm guessing the rebellion is against not G+, but the comments system brought about by it.
    Secondly, and maybe most importantly, Google are simply never going to remove the comment system, like it or not, it's there to stay. And spamming "bob" all over YouTube will only cause more problems (spam) and do more harm than the problems it's trying to "fix"
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  5. Nonononononono Please god save us NOT bobs. They are more annoying the. Google+
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  6. I love these bob comments. Youtube has screwed itself thanks to google.
  7. Also, it's worth noting that if it wasn't for the spambots and general other trolls/spammers, the comment system would actually be fairly good.
  8. What exactly is wrong with having the new comment system? I see you need Google+ to do so. Is it that hard to sign up? The reason they did it was to stop trolls and spammers (and to promote Google+) so I don't think spamming will make it better.
  9. I just like doing this because of the BOB CREATIONS out of Typing symbols also, I don't know why ppl want google removed from youtube :/
  10. I'm just kidding bout this XD don't you guys have a snese of humor?
  11. You seemed into it at first. Also, yes yes I do
  12. Now please don't take this stuff seriously, just make little type symbols on this thread, plz I don't mean I HATE google plus
  13. People seem to think that needing to have an account on a completely different site just to comment on YouTube is stupid, and quite frankly I agree with them.
    Also, in trying to stop spammers, they only made things worse.
    • They removed the character limit on posts.
    • Allowed links
    • Top comments become top comments simply by the amount of attention they attract, (so yes, a complete trolling/insulting comment can make it to the top by people just replying to it)
    • With the ability to use your G+ when commenting, it's become easier than ever to impersonate a name (100s of Chuck Norris's anyone?)
    • When you block someone from your videos, you only block the G+ account, so all they have to do is link another account, and back they are.
    All of this combined doesn't lead to a good experience.
    Of course, some of this may have changed since my least check, but I do doubt it.
    But as I mentioned above, if it wasn't for the users, it would system to use.
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  14. Personally, I use google+ to sort of communicate with friends

    On a totally unrelated note: Calm down on the thread making, In the last two days or so, this is like your third or fourth that I have seen
  15. Thanks for not taking this google plus stuff seriously

    乚(___ )亅
  16. Ok ok I'm new I just got really into EMC Ill slow down on the thread creating
  17. ಠ_ಠ

    Also, please do not double post. There's a reply button for a reason.
  18. I see where you are coming from but the problem doesn't seem to exist because of Google+. It sounds much more like the other changes frustrate everyone. For the two Google+ things you mentioned, it seems like a problem every forum has.