Google Loves EMC

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  1. You know we're doing something right when Google puts EMC's link above the OFFICIAL link for searches like this. ;)

  2. Prizes for you.
  3. Minecraft is also the top search when you search "Iron Shovel" on google.

    Or it was, maybe I searched something else and the fact that it was in december has made me forget.

    In hindsight, that's pretty predictable.
  4. Hax? lol
  5. haha i was in that conversation
  7. Check this outttt
  9. YES! Mystery status retained!

    (I have nothing to do with these links!)
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  10. Sure....... -snip-
  11. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you all realize that google gives results based on YOUR browsing patterns... They're completely individualized. So given that we all spend tons of time on EMC, I'm not surprised google's throwing EMC up to the top. That said, beating the official website is still impressive!
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  12. Kind of seems like a hallow victory now... :(
  13. aww dont be sad, just think about it, all that time you spend on emc, and you are still a mystery to your own google :p
  14. True to a point, IF you are logged in to a google account and have tracking cookies. If you use chrome you can use an incognito window to search without these filters. I notice keywords like this because they pop up in analytics with new visitors coming to the site through them :)
  15. Hey! I posted that thread;)