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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by AlbinoBlackbear3, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. A while ago in english class I had to read/grade someone's paper about something that annoys them. It was about gamers. It went something like this." Do you ever feel that when ur trying to enjoy urself somewhere people ALWAYS have to be talking about their perstige or whatever in games? I mean video games are fun but playing them ALL THE TIME is annyoing espicially when you run into people that go 400 sniper kills and ur only 2nd perstige how did u do that hacker!" then he continued his rant on how that is annoying and it ruins fun. Now to the point. I feel that this is VERY true and people should not always make everything about video games and be COMPLETELY obsessed with them. You dont need to be obsessed with Black Ops II or Halo 4 but be like ok ill get it when it comes out not like OMG OMGO OMGO OMG OMG HALO4 i cant wait let me go look up every single thing i can on this !!!! I mean really you shouldnt have to make it everything. And if you disagree with me fine just dont post on this thread. SO BASICALLY im saying that this shocked me on how right he was. One More thing if u stop playing and go outside or something soon u wont be on 24/7. No Offense this is just my$00.02USD
  2. I'm exactly like that with Minecraft except I never talk about it to anyone I know in real life.