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  1. D:

    Thats all I have to say.. I miss it already and my Sunday nights are now going to be incomplete for the rest of my life..
  2. And hello 17 other shows :D
    Including my fav: Once upon a time.
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  3. It's bak to 24 re-runs for me :)
  4. I have never been so emotionally attached to a show.
  5. Could it have ended any other way? That is what I have to ask myself...
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  6. I liked the show when I watched the first few episodes, and when I'm older I still have other whole seasons to watch. But at least The Walking Dead will be back on in like two weeks.
  7. The ending was flawless. Haha, Todd's ringtone.
  8. I don't like how it ended without filling you in with what happens with Skyler and the kids, we can only infer now
  9. Technically the show won't be over for me until the next season is out on Netflix.
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  10. Yush, pure awsum
  11. Honestly, i have to agree on how flawless the ending was

    I mean, it tied up all the 'important' loose ends (as said on Talking Bad) without switching rapidly from scene to scene in order to fill u in on what happens to ALL the characters!

    Shady manatee says: Man, Jessie really deserved that kill...
  12. I felt the same way when I watched the last episode of Lost. I was like.... WOW! This is the final episode! The best shows just seem to end the fastest... even if they do go on for 6 years. And then you just miss it so terribly... and its not exactly the same when watching re-runs. But when I watch re-runs of Lost, I keep an open eye on hidden clues.
    I never watched Breaking Bad, but I heard the main character was the dad from Malcolm in the Middle, and I heard its a pretty good show. :)
  13. I hope the blacklist is good enough to take it's spot... It looks alright.
  14. Are you guys ready for Saul Goodman's Spin off show! :D Also about the end of Breaking Bad..... loved it truly loved it...
  15. I don't watch breaking bad, but I saw Bryan Cranston live at "All The Way", and he did a really nice job acting.

    (Slightly off topic post is slightly off topic.)
  16. Had not heard about that yet. Pretty pumped now :)