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  1. Hello EMC. From when I started playing on here I've had fun with everything that EMC has to offer. I've had loads of fun with everyone I knew on the server, and the community is great :). This was easily the best server I'd ever played on. :)

    I will be leaving the server tomorrow. It's not because of anything happening on the server to me, it's just that I am losing interest in minecraft itself, and not having much time to play at all.

    Thanks to everyone for making playing on this server great,

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  2. We can't change your mind, I know some of us will still try to though

    We never really talked much, but it'll be weird not seeing your name around the forums anymore
    Bye, good luck! Hope we might be able to welcome you back
  3. Never really knew you, but it's always sad to see a player leave. However, as I've said to all others, I respect your decision and would like to wish you good luck in your future endeavors. I'm glad that you enjoyed your time with EMC. :) Farewell, friend.
  4. Glad to hear that you have enjoyed your stay here and you are very welcome to come back anytime! See you around :)
  5. I tried to leave too but I can't :)