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  1. It has been a wild 132 days since I have joined EMC. But sadly, today, I am announcing my departure. I have had fun, yes; but also this server brings out the worst of us. I have wronged, and others have wronged me. Today, like others I leave for DT, however I am not going to spam and convince others to follow me.

    This server is falling apart. Veterans have left, griefers are joining. Rupees have ruined the server, instead of having fun and chating, its now "Canz I plz haz a rupeez for frez?" If you offer a member a job, they reply "Um, i sory butt I am layz but Canz I haz rupez for frez?" You see? Everything is about rupees and not about fun and relaxing.

    My Donations:
    BobTheTomato: My full set of diamond enchanted armor and tools
    Zbalda97: Full perms on both my reses
    a_smirnov: The rest of my rupees
    Everyone: Everyone now has free use perms at the lax club at res 8016, that will give you free wool, milk, fish, enchantment tables, etc

    The memorial for DT members that have left, RES 8027!


    and no justinguy/icecreamcow/any admin or mod/darth vader
    I will not be back
  2. Josh! At least be active on the forums!
  3. I'm sorry to tell you that the server is far from "falling apart."

    The examples you mentioned are few and far between. Nobody actually talks like that. I'm not sure why you're trying to make EMC look bad. /ignore will solve 100% of any issues you may have mysteriously had that I haven't in monitoring the servers all day long. Best of luck in whatever you decide to do next. I'm sure the next server you go to will be super amazing and free of issues. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.