Goodbye to Old Frontier Base

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  1. My old frontier base. So many hours hunting and building there... Missing it already.

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  2. What happened to it :(
  3. I moved on to a new place and had to leave it behind :(
    Not many people have visited it over my time here at EMC, so I wanted to give it a proper goodbye by showing it to everyone.
  4. ill visit it wat smp is it
  5. smp5, around -1200 +1800. Its easy to spot the tree from the map (all white because of snow).
  6. wow that's really cool! Isn't it possible for staff to just pluck out the whole chunk and place it somewhere new? we've got a lot of ocean space over at Middle Earth
  7. Wow that's pretty :O
  8. They can but then it would be a bit OP
  9. Can we blow it up? I've got a bunch of TNT. That would be awesome.
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  10. I wanted to keep it so that future generations of EMC players could see it, but blowing the whole thing does sound awesome...
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  11. Keep it tons of adventurers will probably use it