Goodbye, smp7

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  1. Hello all:

    Today, I came upon a sudden decision to leave my home server smp7 for various reasons that shall not be listed. I almost cried when it came time to tear down my residence. In fact, I am crying right now. I am sad because I received so much help from dear smp7, only to leave them in the end. I am sad because I love smp7, and there's gonna be a lot of people I'm definitely gonna miss. I would just like to pay respect to them now:

    You were probably one of my best friends on smp7. You were by far the most helpful player I ever met, you gave me free stuff, you helped me out when I needed it most. I can still remember the day when I first logged on, and you randomly gave me 1000r. I was so happy, because back then that was everything to me. Here, today, I am sitting here with just past a million rupees, and I'm still grateful for the dude who gave me a random 1000r

    My fellow liquid potato friend. You weren't necessarily my first friend on EMC, but oh you were one of my best friends. I can still remember the day, not too long ago, when you were publicly speaking about vodka in town chat. I followed your lead, and eventually we were told to shut up. So we made liquid potato as a secret code. I hope you succeed in life, and I'll be sure to visit the CEO Corporation tower lots :D

    Where do I start... Aha! I should probably start with our running joke. We call it "ym". Keldeo has a problem and cannot type her Ms before her Ys, you see. So whenever she is talking to me, she'll say "Come to ym res", and I will always correct her by saying "*my". I will definitely miss all the times we joked about me eating my own liver with a side of chianti and fava beans, and I'll miss you like crazy.

    Thanks to everyone who helped me on my great adventure on EMC, as I am starting a new life on smp8. I'll miss you all (Damnit, I'm crying again!) and I'll be sure to visit whenever I can, or whenever I need a good old bottle of liquid potato with mercenaries2009, or if I wanna go out into the wild and hunt Momentus while constantly killing horses with Robobozo, or even have a fine dinner with my liver, some fava beans, and a fine chianti with Keldeo178.

    I love you guys, goodbye.


    (Damn, still crying...)
  2. Wait, so are you leaving, or just switching servers? :confused:
  3. Just switching servers :D