Goodbye SMP4, Hello SMP2! Residence in the making!

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  1. Hello fellow minecrafters,

    Some might already know me from Smp4, where I worked together with pascal1881 and had a res besides him. Together with him I set up a shop, castle, drophouse, and a large underground storage #9000. At my res I had most of the farms, which included treefarm, sugarcanefarm, wheatfarm, pumpkin and melon farm. And I had dozens of coloured sheep wandering around underground.

    But I have changed plans, the reset of the wild was coming up and I wanted to make a second shop as well. Without it interferring with pascal1881's shop, I decided that I had to move to another server.
    So Smp2 it is then!

    I have already designed the entire store on creative singleplayer, and I'm probably entering the Shop contest with this build. Yesterday I builded all day and honestly, I think I'm already making lots of progress. (but i'm not done yet:p)

    So here it is, Smp2 #4080:

    Hope you guys liked it and feel free to visit!

    ~ bloodra1n
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  2. Cool!
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  3. Hello fellow Minecrafters,

    Today I spended all day on stocking up, setting up signs with the right prices, and improvements are making me getting closer to the goal. I also set up a big board at the entrance, with All of the products that i sell on it.
    Here, have a screenshot.

    Besides all this work, I did more yes. I made a big start with a wheat/s.cane/pumpkin/melon farm underground (not so interesting) And cut those trees like crazy. My first customers are coming in and almost hitting the last bar of all those signs.

    Then.. There is more to come. I have already designed a huge hotel, that will also be placed on #4080 as I progress with building. However, loads of materials are needed, so this really has to wait. First the shop, then the hotel.

    Not every product is stocked or with a pricesign yet, but if I can keep this progress up, consider it done at the end of the week, chests full.

    Hope to see you all soon.

  4. First screens of the first room!

    Please let me know what you think of it!

    Hope to see you all soon.

    ~ bloodra1n
  5. I might want to buy your pick
  6. :), my res is 4090!
  7. Glad to see you moved - SMP2 is obviously the best.