Goodbye IpokemonI, Smp 1 will miss you!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by brickstrike, Feb 24, 2013.

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  1. Its sad that he/se got banned. He got banned for illegal mods. :(. Everyone on SMP 1 will miss you Poke!
    Too make sure he isn't forgotten I made this on his res:

    Share your memories of him in the comments. ~ Brick
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  2. Erm, only thing I knew of him was /ban illegal mods... all i needed to know, imho. Lesson for all.
  3. is this even allowed?
    If it was, nfell would've already gotten one, and so would aphors
  4. You can appeal any ban on EMC, so long as you behave.
    Guess who didn't.
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  5. He who must not be named?
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  6. and?
  7. Roblikescake?
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  8. Nfell Couldn't
  9. Could, but ultimately chose not too
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  10. I just knew that guy was new, or am I wrong? ^_^
  11. The guy who lead Delta squad (I do not know his name)
  12. lol, I don't know why other people are being guessed here, who where you talking about in your post that I quoted?
  13. Aphors?
  14. nfell lol....
  15. I do not understand what you are asking me >.<
  16. Nfell appealed, got denied, then made a huge fuss about it.
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