Goodbye Google, Hello Alphabet?

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Should Google Continute with This Deal?

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    Hello everyone, It has come to my attention that Google is going to be owned by another company by the name "Alphabet Inc." The official blog post on this topic can be found at In my own opinion, this is a bad move for Google and I will most likely start moving my emails and cloud storage off of GMail/GDrive onto my own SMTP and FTP systems if they do so as I don't want some other company storing my emails and files other than the one I trusted with them originally.
  2. i dont think you understood what they said in that letter. its google creating alphabet your email and saved files arent changing hands.
  3. I decided to do some research on that and it isn't quite what you posted. First, Alphabet isn't some company that now owns Google. They are Google. Google is creating Alphabet and taking in a few other small companies in with them. The company Google will still live on except with some of its services moved around.

    Here is a simple analogy. Google is this huge, giant oak tree with tons of branches and parts. Managing all of those branches is hard. The people in charge of managing the tree realized that things were getting too busy so they came up with a plan. They will create a tree farm called Alphabet where they can put a bunch of different trees. Some of the people working on the Google tree will continue to water it while others will work on overseeing the whole farm. A couple other smaller trees were brought in and planted in the farm as well. Google and these other trees are all now part of the Alphabet farm. Google is still run by the same people and does the same thing. They are just part of something bigger now. The farm owners (Ceos of Google) have decided to take some of the branches in Google and make them into their own trees. Now Google is a smaller, more manageable tree at Alphabet farm with a bunch of other, smaller trees growing around it. The core branches of Google remain the same, but other services are now their own trees at the farm.

    Once again, nothing has changed ownership and the same people are running your gmail and drive. They have just expanded into bigger things. Google created Alphabet and pretty much owns it. They are just changing their name and restructuring the company.

    This is a brilliant move for Google. Google can now focus on Google things while all of their experiments can prosper on their own. Overall, it makes the company more organized.

    tl;dr: Google is still Google and is owned by the same people. There is no merger.
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