Goodbye, for now.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by SecretAznEks, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. I'm going to summer camp for the next three weeks, so you're not going to see me at all in-game. I might swig by the forums, but no guarantees. Have a good time without me :)
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  2. Your summer camp has no internets? Ah, might be good to get outside anyway....
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  3. It does, but we can't bring computers.
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  4. Noooo! We need you! ;( , Hope that you will have fun!
  5. Whats outside???
  6. I thought, OH NO, another one quitting... But it is just for 3 weeks, I can live with that... xD
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  7. Have fun. :)
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  8. Thanks man, have a good time. :)
  9. Goodbye, brother from another mother! ;(

    I can finally RE-TAKE my place as top-poster, muahahahahaha.
  10. lozl, after Justin... 2k more and you will be highest poster of the whole EMC!
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  11. :( How can we have fun without you?
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  12. See ya for now sorry I couldn't make it to your party at LLO i bet it was fun
  13. Goodbye my friend! Have fun!
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  14. Sounds fun! Hope you get to build stuff ;)..

    I missed a PARTY?! :eek: Poo..
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  15. lol, Have fun- I was so confused when I saw goodbye.
  16. Secret!?! Why are you leaving me?!?!? :(
  17. It's a Secret........."insert pun here" haha
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  18. see ya! by any chance is it called Shaffer's camp?
  19. Nah.
    @Alex: Try, my brother, try. You'll never pass me >:D Also, check your inbox soon.
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  20. What is the camp called?